With samuel, Rhonda and Holly have been like second parents. Because of his very small size and hard transition to solid food, we were very worried about his growth and development. Rhonda and Holly totally supported us to get Sam eating well. Mecham was extremely selective about the type of bottles, formula and food he ate to the point he would not eat, but Sam was diagnosed with growth delay. They were super supportive and helped us get through the tremendous worry and anxiety we had. Most importantly they were infinitely patient to give Samuel food and noted all his food intake, bowel movements and sleeping time. We are very grateful for their hard work on this. Today, Samuel is eating normally and is healthy.

We also find Holly and Rhonda's style of care matches our own well. When our kids were infants, they gave them all the attention that they needed, but did not over indulge. They supported our philosophy on sleep training and provided a warm nurturing home (even the dog "Cowboy" looked after the kids as he would sit by Mecham, and later Sam, and would be very protective of anybody he did not know, he would even bark at me, their dad, when I came to pick them up). As they got older, they set appropriate limits on behavior and use discipline when required, which we discussed.

In summary, we think Kidkrossings was the best place our children could have been at. When Mecham went to pre-school and we had the chance to place samuel in the school's day care, we opted to keep him with Holly and Rhonda because we felt their level of care was excellent. Holly and Rhonda truly care about the kids they watch over and they understand parents worries when giving over your child to somebody else to watch. At Kidkrossings the children are engaged in play, painting, drawing, listening to stories or playing education toys, not plopped in front of a TV.

We highly recommend Kidkrossings day care and would be happy to answer any questions about our expereince. Please feel free to call us if you need more information.

Alfonso and Kun (parents of Samuel and Mecham)

(408) 887-7089 (Alfonso) (408) 887-7304 (Kun)

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