Parents considering Holly and Rhonda at Kidkrossings as day care providers to their child

Alfonso Lopez & Kun XU, Mecham and Samuel's parents

Our experience with Kidkrossings


My wife Kun and I feel Holly and rhonda are amonog the best child care providers available in Fremont. Our older child, Mecham, stayed with them since 7 months old until the age of 3. our younger son, Samuel, stayed with Holly and Rhonda since 4 months old until the age of 17 months, at which time we moved out of fremont.

Initially we chose to place Mecham at Kidkrossinsg based on two interviews we conducted with Holly and Rhonda. We observedhow they intereacted with the children in their care and checked if they had the same parenting values we have. We could see they understood the developement of children and how to handle each child's temperment, which amny providers don't. More importantly, as we grew to know Holly and rhonda we saw they truly cared for the well being and growth or our children.

Both our children have had some trouble with transitioning to solid food (they did not want to eat it). Samuel was further diagnosed with a constitutional growth delay. Holly and Rhonda were very patient feeding both of them and taking time throughout the day to offer them food and snacks, which truly made a difference at home in their eating habits. They also worked with us 100% to implement pediatrician recommendations and kept a diary of both Mecham's and Samuel's food intake and bowel movements, which we used to track improvements in their eating habits. Today, both Mecham and Samuel eat normally and are healthy.

Further, they understand children have different temperments and different emotional needs. Mecham is a very particular boy and slow to adapt to change, while Samuel is not reserved and likes to explore. They gently guided Mecham toward new activities or learning new games but still respected his timid nature. One incident I will never forget is when Mecham was going through a period where all his clothes had to have numbers on them or he would break down crying and go into a tantrum. One day we did not have any clean clothes with numbers on them and had to take him to Kidkrossings kickinig and screaming. Holly very simply wrote a number on his T-shirt with chalk and he calmed down. there are countless other details like this that have made our children's time at Kidkrossings both pleasant, educational and a healthy place to grow. For example: they took video of Mecham's first steps (which we will keep forever), we receive all the art projects they create (we still have Samuel's first finger painting ever, which was done with spinach and chicken soup). They themselves, with the oler kids, put together mementos of the children (we have pictures of the kids as refrigerator magnets, key chains, with macaroni frames, on paper plates and lots more).

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